Activities near Redfish

River Rafting

There are several river rafting companies for half or full-day trips down the famous Salmon River, or for multiple day trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Day trips on the Main Salmon

The River Company

Sawtooth Adventure Company

White Cloud Rafting

White Otter Outdoor Adventures

Multiple-day trips on the Main or Middle Fork of the Salmon

Middle Fork Outfitters Assocation

Middle Fork River Expeditions

Middle Fork Rapid Transit

Rocky Mountain River Tours

Destination Wilderness of Idaho

A Helfrich Outfitter

Idaho River Journeys

Hughes River Expeditions, Inc.

Wilderness River Outfitters

Equipment Rental

Sawtooth Rentals

Hot Springs

Basin Creek Hot Springs: Unimproved natural hot spring flow out of the rocks and into the Salmon River. Users have piled rocks to create pools for soaking and relaxing. Be cautious of 170 degree water flowing into pools. 8.3 miles (11 minutes) N of Stanley on river side of Hwy. 75. Highway junction between mileposts 197 and 198.

Sunbeam Hot Springs: Hot spring pools created at the edge of the Salmon River, where 170 degree water mixes with the cool river water for a delightful, soothing dip. Restrooms and dressing rooms on site. 12 miles N of Stanley on river side of Hwy. 75 (15 minutes). Between mileposts 201 and 202.
Also found at Kirkham, Bonneville, Easley, and Challis.


Hundreds of miles of trail in the Sawtooth and White Cloud Wilderness areas, including several interesting day hikes right from Redfish Lake Lodge. Maps and guides are available.

GORP hiking in the Sawtooths
Sawtooth Mountain Guides

Stanley Museum

This is a local pioneer museum with artifacts and photographs of historical significance to the settling of the Sawtooth Valley and the Stanley Basin. It is open through Labor Day and located 0.6 miles north of Stanley on the west side of Hwy. 75. Phone: 774-3517

Sawtooth Fish Hatchery

Self-guided tours are available at this facility built to help restore salmon and steelhead to their traditional waters. It is located 5.8 miles south of Stanley on Hwy. 75 (about 8 minutes) between mileposts 183 and 184. Phone: 774-3684

Sawtooth Fish Hatchery

Ghost Towns

Custer is a ghost town and museum with emphasis on mining history. Located there is the Boot Hill Cemetery where you can read the old tombstones and learn about yesteryear’s history. You can also see the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge, a restored gold dredge on the site of its former operations. Custer is located 13 miles (about 30 minutes) north of Stanley on Hwy. 75, then north 5 miles on Yankee Fork Road between mileposts 202 and 203. It is open through Labor Day.

Sawtooth City is another ghost town worth visiting.

Massage & Wine Bar

Head to Meadow Creek Spa for a relaxing massage or other spa treatment. Their wine bar is a nice change of scenery for a night cap. 208-774-3611

Scenic Drives

Ketchum/Sun Valley

Enjoy the beautiful drive over Galena Summit to explore this ski resort town filled with restaurants, shops, and art galleries.

Ketchum/Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce

SNRA – Scenic Driving

Petit, Alturas, and Stanley Lakes are right off of Highway 75. Nip ‘n Tuck, Salmon River headwaters, Indian Riffles, and Sunbeam Dam are also gorgeous mountain country nearby. Grandjean is the scenic country to the south of the Sawtooth Wilderness Area.
Sawtooth National Recreation Area – Scenic Driving