Camping Info

Tent, trailer, and RV spots are available at the Forest Service campgrounds adjacent to the Lodge. These campgrounds are NOT administered by Redfish Lake Lodge.

Please call 1-877-444-6777 or go to for reservations.

Hint: The people you talk to at this number are contracted by the Forest Service, so they do not necessarily know the area well. Be specific about where you want a reservation: Idaho, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Redfish Lake, [specify campground].

Point, Glacier View, and Outlet campgrounds require reservations.  Heyburn and Sockeye Campgrounds are first come, first serve.

You can find much more detailed information regarding area camping in our recent article: Things To Know About Camping Near Redfish Lake Lodge.

If you have further questions about the campgrounds, please contact the Forest Service at 208-774-3000.